We won’t be divided.

Partisanship is replacing political discourse in America—but it doesn’t have to be that way here. For more than a century, Wisconsinites have pioneered progressive, bipartisan movements that didn’t just change our state, they changed our nation. We refuse to be ranked 50th, because we can do what no other state can.

We can build roads and bridges—not walls.

We won’t ignore the opioid epidemic—we’ll treat it.

We can stop failing our teachers and students.

And we won’t let governing bodies govern our bodies.

The first step is electing a leader who empowers every one of us.

This says it all.


Meet Josh.

Josh was born in Kenosha to a family that settled there in the 19th century. He started working there as a teenager after the unexpected death of his father, which sent his family into a bureaucratic black hole when their social security benefits were cut off.

Searching for a paycheck and affordable health care, Josh developed a strong business sense and a stronger devotion to small Wisconsin communities by working for family companies like Festival Foods. The experience also shaped his political beliefs: he promised his late mother that if he ever had the opportunity to serve the public, he’d dedicate himself to helping families like theirs.

Now, after putting himself through law school, rolling up his sleeves in the private sector, and listening to the concerns of the people of Wisconsin, he’s doing just that.

“We can lead the way or we can get left behind. It's our choice.”

- Josh Pade -

We work together.

No one truly goes it alone.

It’s a lesson Josh learned early from his grandfather, a man who campaigned for FDR and organized unions, and again from many of his political heroes, like Russ Feingold, Gaylord Nelson, and Robert Kennedy.

At a time when the middle class is struggling, our infrastructure is crumbling, and our health care system is bankrupting us, we need across-the-aisle cooperation more than ever.

We are Wisconsin. And together, we have the power to make change.

We can do something great. Join us.